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After Awards Breakfast

Volunteer photo
Screenings and events are ongoing and run throughout the year.

We are looking for high-energy volunteers who are responsible, trustful, and dedicated workers. People who are enthusiastic, respectful lovers of independent film. The Red Rock Film Festival will be held in Southern Utah with some showings in Zion National Park. Your Driver’s License or Legal Photo ID is required at time of the events. You must be 18 years or older to participate.

Volunteers are responsible for everything year-round from writing proposals and scouting for sponsors; to creating and stocking publicity; to staffing hospitality centers and theatre venues; to drivers and VIP liaisons; to running information booths; to managing, hosting and entertaining. Volunteer positions are not compensated.

All volunteers are responsible for their own transportation. You will be required to attend a volunteer organizational party before the festival. After the festival, come celebrate with the screening of festival winners followed by a closing party.

To apply for a RRFF Volunteer, email your short bio with your resume to redvolunteer@ophilia•com

If you are interested in a leadership position, please let us know immediately.

Send all inquires to:

Red Rock Film Festival
PO Box 910271
St. George, UT 84791

Address for film submissions:

Festival Tracking
Red Rock Film Festival
646 S. Main St. #165
Cedar City, UT 84720

Phone: 435/705.5555
Cedar Police - Business detective division

We do not accept unsolicited mail or packages. All film submissions must apply through our approved online forms.

This year the festival is back with a new board of directors, and look forward to another exciting year.

Special Thanks to our
volunteers and participants:

Susan Schloetter, Claudia Paz, Kara Vetica, Jim Blumetti, Kae Sable, Brad Pattullo, Julia Bossert, Alex Stein, Olivia Motley, Monique Derenia, Mark Adams, Kacy Wilson, Wolfgang Matt, Roger Hill, Paul Streiner, Philipp Hönig, Trevor Hill, David Wruck, Eva Wruck, Soyeon Kim, Brad Pattullo, Suren Seron, Caroline Lomba, Ivy Prue-Steputis, Nicholas Goodman, Christophe Berthaud, Mike Hamm, Shayne Cullen, Debra Geffner, Molly DeBower, Jim Garrison, Jilli Rose, Alzamkhshary Abdallah

Plus Eric Pickett, Lance Traveller, Jean McGlothlin and all the other volunteers, without whom, this festival would not be possible.


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